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Our Dental Services

We provide a comprehensive dental service and have a team of dentists available to offer the fullest range of treatments, including hygenist, general and cosmetic dentistry.

Price list

Exam - (exam for under 18's - free if the parent attends the surgery £20
X-Rays £20
Hygenist (per half hour) £50
Emergencies (from) £25 -
Simple Filling £60
Cosmetic Filling £100
Extractions £100
Core build up and posts for fractured teeth £50 -
Root canal treatment.including permanent restoration and x rays £250 -
Recementation of crown/bridge £30
Temporary Crown/Bridges £60
Simple Crowns £350
Cosmetic Crowns £600
Dermal filler (from) £150
Bridges £600
Dentures £375
Whitening £250
Implants £1,600
Botox (from) £150
Veneers £500
Nightguards £200

Methods of Payment:

The above are simply a guide. Enquirers are reminded that before any planned treatment is carried out, a written treatment plan is given together with leaflets to patients so that they are aware of the service recommended for them. All treatments and prices explained clearly before treatment starts.